Serial#: G1805

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Information from the gunbroker ad it was listed in on 4/4/2009:

"This is one of the "G" series rifles imported between Sept. 1959 and Jan. 1963. Many years ago this particular rifle was smoke damaged in a minor house fire, this is evidenced by the slight loss of blue on the flash hider and exposed trigger group pins. The bore appears near new, overall there is little evidence of this rifle having been fired. The finish behind the ejection port is virtually unscathed by the typical brassing that is common on FAL's. The wood is in excellent shape with only a few small handling marks. The top cover has a number of small pinpoint freckles through the finish, but they don't stand out. Internally this rifle appears almost new. Needs a new plastic carry handle."

"Lots of e-mails on this one, the SN is G 1805."

"OK, here we go, some folks are having a problem with what I have described, so I will be short and sweet. This rifle is not "perfect", it does have defects which I have tried to describe to the best of my ability. The photos, while not the sharpest, due to relatively cheap "digital technology", show all the major points of the firearm. If you want a "perfect" gun, then this one is probably not for you. If you are willing to pay 2 or 3 thousand dollars less than the going rate and spend a little time and effort cleaning it up,say bluing the small parts,buying a carrying handle, then it'll be a bargain. NUFF SAID.Please feel free to ask me questions about the GUN. My feedback speaks for itself."

"This looks like it is a lightweight. Picture show serial # in grip but it is hard to see."