JUL 31 1963


Browning Arms Co.
Ogden, Utah

Attention: John V. Browning, President


This refers to your letter of June 25, 1963, wherein you discuss
our ruling of May 28, 1963, to Browning Industries, Inc., Ogden,
Utah, concerning the FN Browning light rifle, caliber 7.62mm.

The fact that the rifle in question was originally designed to fire
full automatic was not the only yardstick used in the latest
classification determination of the FN Browning light rifle, which
resulted in our ruling of May 28, 1963. Many other features played
a part in the final decision, including the ease whereby the rifle
could be restored to full automatic fire. This ruling, however,
was not intended to be precedent setting since every classification
determination of a firearm is decided individually on its own
merits. Furthermore, we did not intend that the ruling have
retroactive effect. Therefore, all of those weapons imported by
you prior to May 28, 1963, may be sold in the United States without
restrictions under the National Firearms Act, provided of course
that they are not altered so that they may fire full automatic.

There are a number of weapons in this country which were developed
as full automatic and at some later time other models of those
weapons were introduced as semiautomatic only. This Division did
not consider such models as being in the machine gun category. We
would use the same criteria in any consideration involving guns
developed by you.

Very truly yours,

Dwight E. Avis
Director, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division